geometry & meshing

  • Geometry
    • 3D modelling kernel
    • import of CAD files, and/or
    • build primitives by easy actions
  • Meshing
    • unstructured, or
    • sweep meshing
    • non-matching meshes
    • boundary layers
    • import of Gmsh meshes

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  • Flow:
    • Navier-Stokes, porous, potential and imposed
    • very fast fully-coupled NS solver
    • laminar and turbulent (SA and SST)
  • Heat, radiation, solutes, electro-statics and DC
  • Linear elasticity
    • fully implicit implementation
  • Run-time tuning of numerical settings
  • Fully parallel for multi-core CPU’s

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result analysis

  • Tables for mesh details, balances, requested monitor values etc.
  • XY plots
    • residuals to monitor convergence
    • field values on straight lines
    • user variables vs iterations or time
  • Contour, vector, streamlines and tensor graphics
  • Run-time result viewing
  • Animation of transient results
  • Export to Paraview

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Harengus Physics, the Netherlands